Rockmill Brewery
Shaw’s is proud to offer their fine line of locally
produced Belgian Ales.

Witbier  $8.39/375 ml
A wheat ale brewed with spices, coriander & orange peel.  Dry hopped with New Zealand Cascade hops. Crisp, clean, refreshing body with a citrus bouquet.  6% abv

Saison   $8.99/375 ml
A farmhouse ale with notes of clove, cardamom.  An intriguing ale that has plenty of sweet malts with a nice balance of classic Saison hops.  6.5% abv

Dubbel  $9.59/375 ml
An abbey ale.  Smooth crisp dark fruits balanced with spicy German hops and dark malts. 8% abv

Tripel    $10.19/375 ml
A golden ale dry hopped with coriander and Belgian Saaz hops. A big full bodied ale with great depth of flavor and balance with notes of apricot, banana & clove. 9% abv


Lighter Beers: 

Bud Light 3

Coor’s Light 3 

Michelob Ultra 3 

Miller Lite  3

Hefeweissbier (Weihenstephaner, Germany)   $5
A German hefeweizen.  Starts with great aromas of banana and clove esters in the aroma.  Lots of wheaty, bready sweetness with citrus to keep it in check.  Smooth, tasty and drinkable for one of the highest-rated hefe’s in the world.  5.4% abv.

Turntable Pils  (Great Lakes, Cleveland)  $5
Bready, malt-driven pilsner with biscuity cracker goodness balanced with floral earthy hops that don’t overpower. Smooth, crisp, clean finish.  5.3% abv

Prima Pils (Victory Brewing Co, PA)  $5
A German style pilsner.  Starts with beguiling aromas of clean delicious Saaz hops, grainy sweetness, lemon, grass, herbs and flowers.  It reads clean, clear and crisp on the palate with a nice blend of floral hops and bready earthiness.  Extraordinarily drinkable.  Smooth delicious finish with fine effervescence.  5.3% abv. 

Medium Beers: 

Eliot Ness Amber Lager 4

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier 5

Stella  Artois 4

Yuengling Traditional 3

Censored (Lagunitas Brewing Co, CA) - $5
A copper/red amber ale.  Has epic amounts of malty, toasty breadiness.  The citrusy hops take a back seat and just balance the ale with some leafy notes.  A balanced and easy to drink malty amber with big flavor profile and medium body.  6.75% abv.

Bell’s Amber Ale (Bell’s Brewing Co, Michigan)  $5
A very drinkable and mild American amber ale.  Very aromatic with floral resinous hops and
yeasty dinner roll taste with a slight sweet fruity caramel factor thrown in.  Tasty and balanced. 
Light bodied and a great quaffer.  5.5%

Christmas Ale (Great Lakes Brewing Co, Cleveland) -$5
A winter warmer that has nice toasty aromas of caramel, cinnamon and nutmeg.  There is just a bit of a hop kick at the end.   Smooth, balanced, easy to drink, crisp, light bodied and pleasant.  7.5% abv

Hop Back Amber (Troegs Brewing, PA)  $5
An American red amber ale.  A light to medium-bodied amber with a nice gentle hop kick, more of a push. Great aromas of pine and earth.  Has notes of citrus, toasty malts with a good hop balance.  Soft on the palate, which gives it high drinkability.  Crisp, clean and refreshing.  6.0% abv 

Nosferatu (Great Lakes Brewing Co, Cleveland) - $5
An American strong ale.  Named after a German vampire movie from the 1920’s. 
The beer with bite.  Blood-red amber in color.  Lots of maltiness up front, but it is soon dominated by earthy piney citrusy hops.  It’s not the monster it is made out to be, but rather a pleasantly balanced ale.  8.0% abv

Darker Beer: 

Edmund Fitzgerald Porter 4


​The Truth IPA  (Flying Dog Brewery, MD) - $5
An Imperial IPA.  A serious IPA with 120 IBU’s that start with juicy citrusy piney notes.  A highly drinkable medium- bodied ale that doesn’t fatigue the palate. 8.7% abv

Dirt Wolf IPA  (Victory Brewing, PA)  $5
An imperial IPA.  Huge citrus, resin  and floral notes with some deep dank wet leafy hops.  Balanced by a bready fresh malt backbone.  Really easy to drink for the style.  Aggressive, yet balanced and super-likeable.  8.7% abv.

Dark Ales

Special Double Cream Stout (Bell’s Brewing Co, MI) - $5

An American stout.  Roasty notes of coffee, oats, cocoa, nuts and vanilla with a long oaky finish.  Very little bitterness, balanced and easy to drink.  Velvety smooth. 6.10% abv

Not-a-Beer-Really, but a nice alternative

Pumpkin Cider (Ace Hard Ciders, Sonoma, CA) - $5
A spiced hard apple cider.  Has great aromas of crisp apple and allspice.  No punishing sweetness here.  Has a dry, clean, crisp finish.  The pumpkin adds richness but doesn’t overwhelm.  Light and refreshing.  Gluten free. 5.0% abv.